Surviving ‘Rona 2020

Day 3 or 4 of quarantine.

Oreo supply is low.

Introvert that’s actually missing people.

Send help.

While this is a very serious situation sweeping the nation right now, like most of black twitter or fellow overly sarcastic citizens, I use humor to get through anything. It keeps me sane to be quite honest.

Undoubtedly we are in some scary times right now, and truthfully I fear that we haven’t even seen the thick of this yet. Being forced to stay in your house for like 14+ days is tough for anyone. Here’s some things you can do to pass the time and make the most of it:

  1. Make a to-do list. Now, the kicker will be to actually do the things on your to-do list. For each day remaining of the anticipated quarantine, assign two or three tasks you can do throughout the day. Or, throw them all into a jar and randomly pull out a few tasks each day.
  2. Organize your space. It’s easy to throw your things about when you’re home. But refrain from doing this. Clutter can make you more antsy. We’re all trying to survive this madness. Create a space that you can relax and feel at peace in amid this craziness.
  3. Cook a meal from scratch. So often we have quick meals due to our hectic schedules. With the down time, not only can you try a new recipe but you can try a new one without skipping any corners!
  4. Send snail mail. Pick 5 friends, co-workers or loved ones that you normally see on a regular basis and mail them a note. Or pick 5 that you haven’t seen in awhile and do the same.
  5. Create an online challenge. Whatever your niche is, challenge your friends to be apart of it by inviting them to a challenge. To make it interesting, add in a prize such as an e-gift card.
  6. Have a spa-day. At home, of course! What better time to whip up some DIY face mask or lip scrub to pamper yourself while you lounge about or in between the ten thousand video calls we’re now subject to since working from home.
  7. Host a virtual movie night via Netflix Party.
  8. Learn something! Ivy league schools are offering FREE online courses right now. If you always wanted to be a Harvard gal, now is your chance.
  9. Speaking of free and learning something…did you know that Google Arts & Culture exists? Did you know that you can use technology to tour museums all across the world?
  10. If museums aren’t your thing but nature and wildlife is, then the live cameras at the National Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium or San Diego Zoo may be of interest.

Let me know, how are you surviving #SocialDistancing ? Or you apart of team #QuarentineAndChill ?

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I am fluent in sarcasm. Target is heaven and I basically live there.

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