I’m Baaaaaackkk!!!!

If you can’t tell from the title, I’m back…and it feels good.

Honestly, this is long overdue. Back in 2016, I launched a blog with one of my dearest friends Nikkie entitled TheFatGirlsLife. Our blog was a celebration of our differences and similarities navigating life as a plus size woman from the perspectives of a married mom and a single auntie. While I’ve been in somewhat in a blogging hiatus, I have been writing for other platforms (Parle Magazine and The CurvyFashionista mainly) since my last post on TheFatGirlsLife back in 2017. Check out the freelance page to see some of my work.

So, where the hell have I been? Surviving. And living.

Although writing is my passion, I found it incredibly hard to stay motivated when life was throwing me curve ball after curve ball. In the past few years there has been hospital stays, surgery, injuries, loss of friendships, break-ups, death…so much. And it took my drive and will to be creative away. But just the same there has been so much to be grateful for, so here I am.

This last year in particular…whew. 2019 was an incredible year of personal growth and wins starting with relocation, getting the most grown up job ever, promoted at my part time job, and a lot of opportunities that stemmed from freelancing and writing and a dope ass hot girl summer. It certainly didn’t come without the usual hang-ups but we’re focusing on the positive.

If you follow me on social, you know that I’m passionate about mental health, being body positive and loving yourself. That’s what you can expect to get from my blog along with some occasional travel and life hacks.

Before I start rambling, thank you to those that stayed on my neck about getting back to this. Yes, Nikkie and Alicia (and my mama) I am calling ya’ll out! To new and past followers alike, thanks for being here.

Stay tuned!

Published by thelifeofronny

North Carolina native, Ronny Maye is a mental health advocate, travel writer, and lifestyle content creator with bylines in publications such as Yahoo Canada, Reader's Digest, The Points Guy, Insider, Fodor's, Very Well, and more. She started sharing her travels to create a space for those who are apprehensive to do so as solo travelers, female travelers, plus-size travelers, and/or Black travelers. Intersecting all of these margins, Ronny’s travel content focuses on magnifying Black voices in addition to accessibility, inclusion, and travel tips/hacks.

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