Self-Care is The Best Care

If you follow me on any of my social media, then you know that self care is my jam. With the past year of events, this month which is recognized as #MinorityMentalHealthAwareness is a good time to tap into what self care really looks like.

What Does Self-Care Even Mean?

When you think about self-care, what comes to mind? The majority of people who has answered this question for me, give answers like a relaxing bubble bath, having a spa day, or buying themselves a little treat. All of these things are great, but, self-care extends into other parts of our lives as well. 

Are you taking care of yourself financially, physically, emotionally and mentally as well? Are you checking those bad habits? Are you disassociating with toxic people? All of these things work together as a demonstration of how we love ourselves because when we master these skills, we won’t accept anything that prevents us from showing up as the best version of ourselves in these areas.

Allow Me To Introduce…She Matters!

So, imagine my surprise when I found “She Matters by Boxed In” a Black and woman owned small business that curates self care boxes catering to every aspect of who we are!

She Matters by Boxed In May Box

I was immediately drawn to these subscription boxes because they are unlike anything I have ever seen before. The boxes are curated with the help of therapist , mental health advocates, financial experts, nutritionist fitness gurus and other industry professionals alike that create the ultimate experience for growth, relaxation and inspiration. Every month is true treat indeed!

What I also enjoy about this company, is their Instagram page that chocked full of helpful information on mental health, self care and the benefits of prioritizing both. These gems of hints, tips and tricks can also be found on their self-care blog!

Informative Carousel from She Matters Instagram

Who is She Matters?

The woman behind She Matters is Alicia Walton, who started her business just last September! Yes, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, sis launched a business! We stan. The inspiration behind Alicia’s business came from her own journey to find ways to prioritize self-care in her day to day life.

Alicia Walton, creator of She Matters by Boxed In
Tap In

I’ve received several boxes and have truly enjoyed each one. The contents of each box varies month to month of course but every time feels like Christmas! In other words, sis don’t miss! Whether you’re struggling with self-care or looking for ways to elevate your self-care practices/routine, this is the box for you! There is an option to subscribe monthly or make a one time purchase. Plus, there’s two box types (standard vs. deluxe) to fit any budget. Oh, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive 10% off your first order!

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North Carolina native, Ronny Maye is a mental health advocate, travel writer, and lifestyle content creator with bylines in publications such as Yahoo Canada, Reader's Digest, The Points Guy, Insider, Fodor's, Very Well, and more. She started sharing her travels to create a space for those who are apprehensive to do so as solo travelers, female travelers, plus-size travelers, and/or Black travelers. Intersecting all of these margins, Ronny’s travel content focuses on magnifying Black voices in addition to accessibility, inclusion, and travel tips/hacks.

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