Hi, I’m Ronny…a small town girl with big city dreams. Like most women, Target is my happy place, next to the beach. As cliche as it sounds, I love to travel. I order the same three drinks from Starbucks and most of my conversation is a reference to some tv show or movie. I could eat mac and cheese for the rest of my life. Most importantly, I am unapologetic about being who I am. Get ready for a lot of Black girl magic.

Now that you know basically all there is to know about me, you can expect a lot of transparency and vulnerability. I try to live my life in the pursuit of what makes me happy so that there are no regrets. My purpose in life is to live full and die empty. It is my hope that by sharing my life experiences-both the good and the bad, that someone else can know that they’re both seen and heard. TheLifeOfRonny is a celebration of everything I am in hopes that it encourages you to celebrate everything that you are.

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