Let’s Talk About PCOS

Sometime in the fall of 2016, I went to urgent care because something didn’t feel right. I was was feeling crampy, nauseated and a lot of other things. After asking me some “standard” questions, the nurse practitioner announced, “You have PCOS, I’ll give you a prescription for metformin.” From what I can recall, she didn’tContinue reading “Let’s Talk About PCOS”

When Your Tired is Tired

I’m fucking tired, to be quite honest. And the word tired doesn’t even seem strong enough to adequately describe how I feel. The Erasure of History I can recall standing up with my peers and reciting the pledge of allegiance every morning throughout grade school. I can recall the start of sporting events having someoneContinue reading “When Your Tired is Tired”

Self-Care is The Best Care

If you follow me on any of my social media, then you know that self care is my jam. With the past year of events, this month which is recognized as #MinorityMentalHealthAwareness is a good time to tap into what self care really looks like. What Does Self-Care Even Mean? When you think about self-care,Continue reading “Self-Care is The Best Care”

New Year, New Me?

Here we are. January 1, 2021.  Day one of the next 365 days. There’s a swarm of social media posts sharing goals, aspirations and resolutions for the New Year and while they’re certainly inspirational…it’s not something that I will be participating in. For starters, it’s hard to create a list of goals because I amContinue reading “New Year, New Me?”