Travel-itis…Planning The Perfect Staycation

Even though airlines are tempting us to truly adhere to YOLO (glares at Southwest) the coronavirus still have lots of us airing on the side of caution and staying put until things return back to normal. As of now, all of my spring and early summer trips are cancelled and honestly, as a person who loves to be on the go…this is truly hard for me.

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Where Do You Want to Go, Ronny?

It’s true, a girl can stay on the beach sipping Upside Down Pineapples for hours. But, for me of all the places I’ve been, New Orleans has to be one of my favorite place to visit. I remember my first time visiting summer 2014 and there was an immediate feeling of enthrallment. The French Quarter was exactly how I thought it would be from watching Double Jeopardy. In my hometown, the Walmart closes at midnight so to my little country ass self, the freedom of walking down Bourbon street at 4 am sipping to-go margaritas and watching second lines was mindblowing. As was the semi-naked ladies twirling ribbon from the banisters but that’s another story. The city is filled with so much history, culture and hidden gems that every time feels like the first time I’ve been and there’s always something new to do!

My friend and I determined that this house belonged to someone important in New Orleans.

Picking Your Staycation “Location”

While there are many lists circulating the blog and internet that tells us how we can pass the time during this quarantine and social distancing (see my previous post), I haven’t seen any yet that speaks to the travel lovers. Since Instagram and Facebook memories have us feeling extra nostalgic and realizing it was all good about a week ago; while we’re confined to our homes, it’s the perfect time for a staycation. Pay homage to your favorite or an inspiring destination by curing your travel-itis with a perfect staycation!

We’re “Booked”, Now What?

Be creative! If your partner and kids are joining in on the fun make “boarding passes” or text a “hotel confirmation” to create the full on travel experience. Apply the same rules you would on a normal vacation. This means if you ordinarily are away from your phone and off social media, do it for the duration of the staycation too.

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Change the ambiance of your bedroom and bathroom to resemble that of a hotel, preferably adding something to remind you or your guest of the accommodations from your favorite destination. Use light dimmers or mood lighting, leave chocolates or their favorite snacks beside. You can even spring for the plush robes and toiletry kits, too. Take it a step further and add on the hotel extras like wake-up calls or room service. Oh, the most important part….add in a mini-bar!

Destination Activities

While scuba diving with manatees or anything remotely similar will be literally impossible from home, try to make most of what you do that day centered around something you did or want to do. Try you hand at virtual tours or YouTube channels dedicated to the activities on your list if you can’t safely do them at home. Truly and fully immerse yourself in that city. Any music and films you may watch should be from natives of that area or about it.

I’m a foodie, so the best part of any vacation (or any day really) to me is the food. Try authentic cuisine. Find a recipe or two from a restaurant you enjoyed and re-create something from their menu. For me, it would have to be trying my hand at the legendary “New Orleans Queen of Creole Cuisine” Leah Chase‘s gumbo. And of course, what’s a “trip” to NOLA without beignets from Cafe Du Monde?

Photo from The Atlantic.

So, In Conclusion

With the uncertainty of the forthcoming weeks and people grappling with new ways of life, I for one can definitely use an escape from the unprecedented realities we’re facing across the globe. Being home for an indefinite amount of time isn’t ideal but let’s make the most of it and have fun where we can! Let me know, where are you going for your perfect staycation?

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North Carolina native, Ronny Maye is a mental health advocate, travel writer, and lifestyle content creator with bylines in publications such as Yahoo Canada, Reader's Digest, The Points Guy, Insider, Fodor's, Very Well, and more. She started sharing her travels to create a space for those who are apprehensive to do so as solo travelers, female travelers, plus-size travelers, and/or Black travelers. Intersecting all of these margins, Ronny’s travel content focuses on magnifying Black voices in addition to accessibility, inclusion, and travel tips/hacks.

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